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Incentive travel can reward your best customers for their loyalty and strengthen customer relationships or celebrate high performing employees, which will attract and retain staff talent. One way I can get my head around what makes a successful event organiser is with the metaphor of a skilled chef. Anyone can pop to the shops and whip up a pretty decent bowl of pasta using a recipe, but a chef will know exactly where and when to source the best ingredients, has the experience of countless triumphs and failures and has the confidence to know which flavour combinations complement each other. A massively important ingredient in an event planner’s metaphorical bowl of pasta is the right DMC (Destination Management Company). It is critical that the DMC’s expertise on what makes their destination special supports the event organiser’s expertise of what makes an event special. The underlying message of this blog is that if an Incentive Travel Programme is anything less than extraordinary, it hasn’t quite ticked the box of what our clients and their guests deserve.

In Susie Harwood’s recent article for InVoyage, she states that “Study reports that 94% of executives at top performing firms are strong supporters of incentive programmes and consider them a competitive advantage”( As consumer preferences move away from material incentives and more towards experiences, now is the perfect time for the Incentive Travel market to flourish and it is my genuine belief that before long, large firms that do not incorporate incentive travel, or experiences of some nature into their annual budgets will be left behind.

When writing about travel and the ways I value it, I find myself in an unavoidable position of hypocrisy. To me, what makes ‘travel’ and everything it encompasses so special is the way that it is experienced and how two people sharing the exact same experiences can have completely different experiences of it... If that doesn’t make sense first time reading, give it a few more goes, it took me a while to get my head around it too. But with this philosophy in mind, trying to capture the magic of travel with just my perspective to work with and using only words typed out on paper seems pretty tricky… But you’ve got this far, so I better carry on now!

The idea of this blog is 4 short blurbs to introduce 4 epic novels: They suggest what may be to come, and hopefully intrigue you to explore further, but in the knowledge that if you want to really experience the magic, you’re going to need to read the book…

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Iceland is a destination that ticks so many Incentive Travel boxes before you even start thinking about the specifics of the programme. Out of your friends and family, how many of them have planned their own holiday to Iceland? Unless I am the anomaly and surround myself with unadventurous people, I think the answer for most will be not very many. Experiences in Iceland such as gazing at the Northern Lights while enjoying zero gravity in a geothermal pool, or taking a helicopter over the icy mountains before an avalanche rescue simulation are the sorts bucket list experiences that will resonate with your guests long before and long after the trip itself. This long- lasting impact is one of the most crucial aspects of Incentive Travel and is the target that event planners should be working towards.


After an easy 2-hour flight, guests can immerse themselves in the historical, picturesque, unspoiled gem that is Croatia. Whether your preference is wine and oyster tasting in the vineyards of Peljesac Peninsula followed by an exclusive cruise on a 15th century replica ship, or abseiling the city walls followed by a Game of Thrones themed team building tournament and a medieval victory banquet in a fortress featured in the TV series, there is something for everyone.



In addition to staying in private lodges and venturing out at dawn on game drives to get within touching distance of the animals, an Incentive Travel trip to Africa can surpass even the most bucket-list worthy holiday plans. Imagine starting the day with a champagne breakfast hot air balloon ride over the Maasai Mara or Serengeti, followed by a Maasai inspired mini Olympics including spear throwing, fire lighting and even cow milking! At Insynq, we acknowledge that our clients are spending valuable time and money on making this trip happen, so it is our responsibility and privilege to create a programme that exceeds expectations and returns on investment.


New York

I don’t need to tell you that New York is a destination that has so much to offer. From dining experiences such as Breakfast in the Penthouse level of Barney’s department store to an evening of wine, local takeout and street musicians in the loft of a local artist, or art experiences from a private, artist lead tour of the Guggenheim, to a graffiti painting experience for your guests with the help of a local street artist, there is a programme to suit, surprise and excite any group.


Whether you just want to learn a little more about Incentive Travel or whether you have some existing ideas you need help bringing to life, we would love to hear from you. A zero commitment chat is the perfect way for you to work out exactly what it is you want and the most effective ways to make it a reality.